The problem of watch inaccuracy generally refers to mechanical replica watches

When people buy Audemars Piguet replica watches, they have a clearer goal of choosing a mechanical watch or a quartz watch, but after choosing a mechanical watch, how to choose a good mechanical watch has become a new problem. The movement of a mechanical watch is far more complex and delicate than a quartz watch, and there is a big difference between the movement of a low-end mechanical watch and a high-end mechanical watch.

High-end watches use a bimetallic open balance wheel or an alloy material to make the balance wheel; there are no less than 16 screws on the balance wheel; the double-layer hairspring has a very low material temperature coefficient; the 24-hour travel time error is within plus or minus 30 to 50 seconds ; It has more than 17 diamond elements; it also has water-proof, shock-proof and anti-magnetic performance devices; the service life needs to be more than 30 years under normal conditions.

Intermediate watches use alloy balance wheels, with more than 10 screws on the balance wheel; flat hairspring; 24-hour travel time error of plus or minus 45 seconds to 60 seconds; with shock-proof and anti-magnetic device with more than 15 diamond elements; service life under normal conditions More than 15 years. Low-level watches generally use copper alloy as the balance wheel; there is no screw; the 24-hour time error is about plus or minus 80 seconds; there is no three-proof device; the diamond element is less than 7 or there is no diamond; the general service life is more than 2 years.

When purchasing Audemars Piguet mechanical watches, you can learn from the following methods to determine whether the watch is qualified. When you pull out the crown head, you should feel comfortable in your hand, neither loose nor tight. Hold the relaxed and stopped watch gently in your hand, wind it slowly, and observe whether the second hand is moving at the beginning of the winding. If it is delayed, it does not meet the standard. After winding a few turns, place the replcia Rolex face up and down, with the crown facing up, down, left, and right for a while, and listen carefully to see if the frequency beats are basically the same when the watch is placed in different positions. The sound of the mechanical watch after it has been wound should be crisp and free of noise.