Offer of cosmetic packaging and plastic products

The catalog of cosmetic packaging and plastic products we offer is used in many industries – mainly cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and household chemicals. Nova-Pak products are distinguished by the highest quality of workmanship – we can produce them in various shapes and colors, according to the recommendations of our customers.

A modern machine park and a tool room allow for the design and production of cosmetic packaging in any size. The shape of the product can be proposed by the customer or designed by us on individual request – we also offer a form reservation. We make every effort to ensure that our products serve reliably and provide comfort for a long time.

Each PET / RPET packaging meets the technological requirements and can be fitted with closures and caps. Products manufactured by us can also be decorated. Packaging is not only a cosmetic protection, but also an advertising medium, which is why decorating is such an important element in the design process. The eye-catching design, attractive label will increase the aesthetic value, which has a very large impact on purchasing decisions.

Biodegradable packaging

Along with the growing environmental awareness of consumers, we have prepared an offer of cosmetic packaging made of biodegradable materials based on PLA. Cosmetic bottles and cosmetic jars made of biodegradable packaging decompose in industrial conditions when composted, and because they do not release harmful substances, they are environmentally friendly. The use of biodegradable packaging allows you to reduce the waste produced and the carbon footprint and fits perfectly into the principles of caring for the planet.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our packaging and download the CATALOG.

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